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The objective of the redesign was to match the new target audience for Woem, from individuals to businesses and showcase the main benefits of corporate wellness programs for both employers and employee.
Project date 
September 2021 - duration 5 days
Angela Boeree -founder at Woem Health
Project scope
- Full site redesign
- Revised site map
- simplified navigation
- Copywriting
- UX writing
Tools & assets
- Wordpress + Elementor
- Memberpress + Memberpress Courses
- Bookly appointments
-Illustrations: Upstream by Craftwork
We kept the original colour set and typography. We opted for illustrations rather than photos and simplified the design to make information clearer.
Explore service page
We also simplified the information architecture and navigation, reducing the number of pages to three. It is now simpler to navigate the website and find relevant information.
About page
We finally changed the tone of the about page to make it feel friendlier and create a sense of proximity with the user.
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