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Useful links, resources and other little things we love

Here you will find links, resources and tips on web design, UX design and design in general. It's also a list of tools and resources that we use in our daily work. This page is not set in stone and may change according to our inspirations and discoveries.

Illustrations & design

Craftwork Design
Illustrations, UX/UI kits, templates and more ! 
Nice mix-&-match illustrations.
Incredible mix-&-match illustrations system.
Open source illustrations for every project.


Twenty-Two Consulting
 Copywriter, Ghostwriter & Translator (English-French)
Interaction Design Foundation
Online UX Design Courses , and much more.
The Admin Bar
The best WordPress Community for freelancers and entrepreneurs!
Avenir Emploi Pays-Bas
Their mission is to make the Dutch labour market accessible to French speakers.
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