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Get rid of manual, low value and repetitive tasks that cost money and time. We identify processes pain points, define goals and automate your workflows for a more efficient business.
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Why you should use automation

Every organisation have processes that can be improved by automation: form submissions, user actions, invoicing, appointments… automated workflows handles data according the  business rules you've defined. This hands-off approach streamlines repetitive and time-consuming work.


of small and medium-sized business workers
say they perform repetitive, time-consuming tasks.


of knowledge workers
declare that automation improved their jobs.

9 out of 10

knowledge workers
say that automation has improved people's lives in the workspace.


of small and medium-sized business
say that automation allows their company to be more competitive.

The main benefits of workflow automation

Whether it’s marketing, human resources, e-commerce or finance, workflow automation allows you to work more efficiently.
reduced paperwork
increased productivity
lower operational costs
more time for high-value tasks
Better visbility into processes and tasks
better operational insights
higher workflow accuracy
improved customer experience
better communications and coordination
improved employee satisfaction

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How it works

For each workflow we create a scenario composed of three elements: the trigger, the action and the outcome. While there can be only one trigger per scenario, the number of actions that can be performed is almost unlimited.
The event that starts the workflow. There can be only one.
Tasks that need to be perfomed. They can be multiples.
The result at the end of the scenario after it's finished.

Put the workflow into action

This is where the workflow begins. Triggers can be an action taken by a user, a decision, a specific or scheduled time, or a response to a condition/rule.

Common examples of triggers include:

E-commerce - an order is created or a product updated
Marketing – a form is filled by a prospect
HR – candidate sends a job application
Accounting– a payment is accepted
Collaboration – team mates exchange emails or start a chat conversation

Put the workflow into action

This is may be the most complicated part of the process as it can include large amounts of data and involve different actors.

Common examples of actions include:

Notifications are sent when items change status.
Alerts are triggered when a task is approaching its deadline or is due.
An invoice is created then sent when a payment is received
Data is recorded in a table, a report or a CRM
A product is created or updated

Measure the results

There are a lot of metrics you should track to evaluate the effectiveness of automations. here are 6 of them.

Time saved
Error ratio
Deviation rate
New work created
Cost savings
Bounce rate

Start improving your business operations

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Five steps towards success

Take a look at the five most common steps for a succesful workflow automation
Identifying the processes that require automation, i.e. those with repetitive or low-value manual tasks, those that are most inefficient and prone to human error.
Defining the business goals, whether it is to save money, improve efficiency, reduce errors, or increase productivity.
Selecting the right tools, mapping the process and designing the workflow.
Training the users and get feedback for continuous improvements
Establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure success and adjust workflows whan necessary.
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