Billy The Cast

Billy The Cast is an independant podcast producer. They create amazing podcasts for children. They needed a new responsive website with the ability to showcase their podcasts and publish them automatically from Ausha podcasts service.
Screen capture of Billy the Cast website

Project Date

June 2022 - duration 4 weeks


Julien Moch, owner at Billy The Cast SAS

Project Scope

- Complete site rebuild
- UI design
- Workflow automation (automatized podcasts publication)

Tools & assets

- Wordpress + Oxygen Builder
Podcast page
Episodes page


Originally, the site had three pages in addition to the podcast page. The homepage, an about page and a sponsor page. We have put all the content on one page to simplify navigation.

Podcast page

Podcasts page and episodes pages are very similar in design. Although they have different options and purposes like podcast subscriptions, social sharing, etc.


Episodes pages a dedicated player in the hero section of the page.
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