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Slow Essence

Slow Essence is a cutting-edge selection of the most desirable, committed brands in fashion, accessories, jewellery, cosmetics, well-being and home decoration.
page d'accueil de Slow Essence

Project Date

2022 - 2023


Naïma Pinguet, CEO

Project Scope

- Finishing and polishing site's design
- UI design
- Woocommerce automation

Tools & assets

- Wordpress + Oxygen Builder
- WooCommerce, API
- Make.com
Brand page


The homepage has been fully redesign to better highlights the products and optimize the navigation, the CTAs, the overall user experience, and ultimately improve the conversion rates
Page d'accueil de Slow Essence dans son intégralité

Brand page

Brand pages


We entirely revamped theblog section to provide an incredible experience to the readers
Screenshot blog full
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